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80+ Perfect Pongal Captions for Instagram



Pongal Captions for Instagram

Pongal festival is widely celebrated in the southern region of India, especially in Tamil Nadu. Pongal is a celebration of the harvest season. People used to come together to celebrate Mother Earth’s nature and farm animals for their huge contribution to a happy life.

This year pongal will be celebrated between 15 January to 18 January.

In this blog, we have some best and amazing Happy Pongal captions for Instagram. These captions can be used as Instagram stories and Facebook reels. We have curated a superb list of some perfect Pongal captions for Instagram, especially for you. As the right words are an easy way to explain your feelings. And convey your message to the world. Explore this wide collection and select the most suitable captions for yourself. Additionally, these captions will help you to reach a maximum audience. 

Short Pongal Captions For Instagram

Short Pongal Captions For Instagram

If you also want to brighten up your Pongal celebrations with your creativity then these short Pongal captions are for you. You can use these captions for Instagram, WhatsApp, or Facebook. So do not forget to share these warm wishes with your family and friends and make your pongal more special.

  • Harvest happiness. 🌾🌞
  • Pongal vibes and festive smiles.
  • Celebrating abundance and joy.
  • Overflowing pots, overflowing joy.
  • Pongal greetings and good eats.
  • Fields of gratitude, pots of sweetness.
  • Wishing you a pot full of prosperity.
  • Tradition, joy, and Pongal treats.
  • Sweet moments, savory memories.
  • Pongal blessings and festive cheer.
  • Pongal: Savoring traditions and flavours.
  • Blessings are as abundant as the harvest.
  • From the fields to the feast, Pongal joy never ceases.
  • Pots bubbling with warmth and celebration.
  • May your Pongal be as sweet as sugarcane.
  • Farm-fresh celebrations and heartfelt wishes.
  • The festival of harvest and heartfelt togetherness.
  • Pongal vibes fill the air with joy.
  • Traditions, treats, and togetherness on Pongal.
  • Wishing you a Pongal filled with love and laughter.

Pongal Captions For Instagram In Hindi

Hindi is our mother language and when we are celebrating a mother nature festival then how can we forget about our mother language? So for this, we have pongal captions for Instagram in Hindi. To enlighten your Instagram posts.

  • पोंगल का त्योहार, समृद्धि और खुशियों का संगम। 🌾🌞
  • आपके घर में भरा हो पोंगल का प्याला। 🍲✨
  • गाँव के खेतों से लेकर आपकी थाली तक, पोंगल का स्वाद अनमोल। 🌾🍚
  • पोंगल के त्योहार की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं। 🌼🌾
  • साकार की सुगंध, खुशियों का मिलन। 🌾🌸
  • पोंगल के त्योहार में मिठास घर लाए। 🍯🌾
  • पोंगल के रंग, आपके दिल में बहुत सा खुशियों का तूफान। 🌈😊
  • समृद्धि के साथ, पोंगल का त्योहार बनाएं खास। 🌾💰
  • तिल-गुड़ और खुशियों की बौछार, हैप्पी पोंगल! 🌰🌞
  • पोंगल की खुशबू घर लाए, खुशियों का संगम हमेशा बना रहे। 🌾🌺
  • पोंगल के इस मौसम में, आपका दिल हमेशा हंसता रहे। 😊🌾
  • गन्ने के क्षेत्र से लेकर प्याले तक, सब में हो खुशियों का हंगामा। 🌾🍹
  • पोंगल के रंग, आपके जीवन में बनाएं सुख संपन्न। 🌈💖
  • पोंगल के इस पर्व में, सभी कुछ हो मिठा-मिठा। 🍯🌾
  • पोंगल की रौंगतें, आपके घर को और भी रौंगती बनाएं। 🌼🏡
  • पोंगल का त्योहार, आपके जीवन को सजीव करे। 🌾🎉
  • पोंगल की धूप में, खुशियाँ और आशीर्वाद। ☀️🌾
  • गर्मी की छूट, पोंगल की मिठास के साथ। 🌞🍚
  • पोंगल की खुशबू से सजीव हो जाए आपका हर कोना। 🌾🌿
  • खेतों की खुशबू घर लाए, आपके जीवन को सजाए। 🌾🏡

Pongal Captions For Instagram In English

Pongal is not only a festival but it is also a way to reflect your gratitude toward nature and Mother Earth. These English pongal captions are designed in a way that will accompany your Pongal celebrations. Each caption will shower a blessing of love and humanity.

  • Harvesting joy and prosperity this Pongal season. 🌾🌞
  • Overflowing pots and hearts on this festive day. 🍲✨
  • From the fields to the plate, savoring the taste of Pongal. 🌾🍚
  • Heartfelt wishes for a Pongal filled with sweetness. 🌼🌾
  • The fragrance of freshly harvested crops and the joy of Pongal. 🌾🌸
  • Adding sweetness to life, one Pongal at a time. 🍯🌾
  • Colors of Pongal, a storm of joy in your heart. 🌈😊
  • Celebrating Pongal with abundance and prosperity. 🌾💰
  • Sesame and jaggery showers, Happy Pongal! 🌰🌞
  • May the aroma of Pongal bring eternal joy, and the festivities last forever. 🌾🌺

Funny Pongal Captions For Instagram

Pongal is a traditional South Indian festival which was celebrated with lots of love and gratitude. The spirit of Pongal sprinkles the essence of togetherness and the aroma of delicious dishes that were prepared. Well if you want to add a pinch of humor to your Instagram posts then these funny pongal captions for Instagram are purely for you.

  • Turning grains into gains this Pongal season. 🌾💪
  • Pongal: Where pots bubble with happiness, not just rice. 🍲😄
  • Harvesting good vibes and a bit of mischief this Pongal. 🌾🎉
  • When life gives you Pongal, add a dash of humor. 😂🌾
  • Pongal feast: Because calories don’t count on festivals, right? 🍚🤷‍♂️
  • Overflowing pots and my enthusiasm for Pongal – both unstoppable! 🌾💃
  • Celebrating Pongal with the seriousness of a professional eater. 🍲🏆
  • Pongal vibes: More laughter, less calorie counting. 😆🌾
  • Pongal preparation level: Expert at tasting, average at cooking. 🍚👩‍🍳
  • Pongal festivities: Where diet resolutions go to take a break. 🚫🥗
  • Pongal wishes: May your pot of joy be as full as your plate! 🍲😁
  • Cooking Pongal like a pro: Stirring with enthusiasm, tasting with gusto. 🌾👨‍🍳
  • Pongal diet plan: Eat until you forget what day it is. 📆🍚
  • Pongal celebrations: Because diets can wait for tomorrow. 🎉🍲
  • Pongal prep checklist: Rice, check. Smiles, check. Extra stretchy pants, double-check. 🌾😅
  • Pongal feast: The only time when multitasking involves eating and laughing simultaneously. 🍲😂
  • Pongal mode: Channeling my inner chef and outer foodie. 🍚👩‍🍳
  • Pongal wishes: May your laughter be as infectious as the aroma of cooking Pongal. 😄🌾
  • Pongal vibes: Because a little laughter makes the celebration even sweeter. 🎊😆
  • Pongal happiness: Overflowing pots and overflowing jokes. 🍲😂
What Is Pongal In 2 Lines?

Pongal simply means to boil or overflow, it refers to a traditional dish that is prepared by the rice which was the new harvest. The rice is used to cook in milk with jaggery. 

Why is it called Pongal?

The term “Pongal” (meaning “to boil, overflow”) refers to a customary dish made from the fresh rice crop that is served to Surya and is cooked in milk with jaggery during the festival.

Pongal is celebrated in which month?

January is considered the ideal month to celebrate Pongal. It is a multi-day Hindi harvest festival that is celebrated by Tamils. It is observed in the month of Thai according to the Tamil solar calendars and usually falls on 14 or 15 January.

What is the history of the Pongal dish?

Pongal is a sweet rice dish that is usually eaten on special occasions in Sri Lanka. Pongal recipes are widely eaten throughout the world, It is used to be cooked in a clay pot over an open fire to give it the best taste. Additionally, it is also believed that the milk that spills over the pot will bring good luck and prosperity to the family. 

The preparation of Pongal is a family affair because it adds luck to the family. Pongal food is different and traditional. Pongal is used to serve on banana leaves before it is consumed the whole family worships God’s sun. The dish originally originated from the Sri Lanka Tamil.

Why we are celebrating Pongal with sugarcane?

Sugarcane is a symbol of sweetness and happiness. Additionally, it is also associated with the story of Shiva. According to legend, Lord Shiva worked a miracle at the Madurai Meenakshi Temple by feeding sugarcane to a stone picture of an elephant on the day of Perum Pongal.

The Final Words:

If you also want to wish your loved ones happy Pongal captions for Instagram and share a positive message with them then the above captions are an easy and trendy way to wish them. You can share these Happy Pongal captions for Instagram are easy to use you just have to copy and paste them. Hope you like these captions and these will help you to convey your thoughts in the form of quotes and captions.

Amit, a Content Writer and Content Creator has been with Agree Words since 2018. I am trying to give the best suitable Two Line Shayari, thoughts, Entertainment content for every life moment and Good Instagram Captions for your post and reels.

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राम जन्मभूमि अयोध्या की मूर्ति से जुड़ी कुछ खास बातें, यहां जानिए




22 जनवरी जब पूरा भारत बनाएगा दिवाली क्योंकि यह ऐतिहासिक क्षण होगा राम मंदिर के भाव उद्घाटन का इस मंदिर की शान इसकी वास्तुव शिल्प से है।

यह मंदिर भारत का सबसे बड़ा और विश्व का तीसरा सबसे बड़ा मंदिर है। इसकी तीन मंजिला संरचना होगी, जिसमें हर एक मंजिल की ऊंचाई 20 फीट होगी, मुख्य गर्भग्रह में भगवान श्री राम का एक बाल स्वरूप मूर्ति होगी और पहली मंजिल पर राम दरबार होगा। इसके अलावा मुख्य मंदिर में पांच मंडप शामिल है। जिसे नृत्य, रंग ,सभा, प्रार्थना और कीर्तन कहा जाता है। 

अहमदाबाद के प्रकृतिक सोमपुरा परिवार ने इस मंदिर को बिना स्टील और लोहे के इस्तेमाल किए , सिर्फ पत्थरों से नागर शैली में बनवाया इसकी नींव रखने के लिए गंगोत्री, हल्दीघाटी, केदारनाथ, चित्तौड़गढ़ ,बद्रीनाथ जैसे देशभर के 2527 पवित्र स्थान की मिट्टी इकट्ठी की गई और साथ ही 150+ से ज्यादा नदियों का पानी लिया गया है | जिसमें से भारत की आठ बड़ी नदियां तीन समुद्र और श्रीलंका के 16 नदियों के साथ मानसरोवर का जल भी शामिल है।

इसके बनावट में श्री राम लिखे की ईट ली गई, जिसे “राम शीलाई” भी कहते हैं और मंदिर के 2000 फीट नीचे एक Time Capsule रखी गई है, जिसका उद्देश्य है… श्री राम जन्मभूमि अयोध्या और मंदिर की पहचान को सुरक्षित रखना है।

यह सिर्फ एक मंदिर का निर्माण नहीं ,बल्कि एक नए युग की शुरुआत होगी, जो आने वाली पीढ़ियों के लिए विश्वास, एकता, शाश्वत  भक्ति के प्रतीक बनेगा।

राम मंदिर के बारे में अनसुनी रोचक बातें

भगवान राम के प्राण प्रतिष्ठा की अयोध्या में पूरी तैयारी हो चुकी है खास बात यह है कि रामलाल की बाल स्वरूप मूर्ति की पहली झलक सामने आई है भगवान राम की अलौकिक मुख को पहले पीले वस्त्र से ढका गया था पूरे देश में लोग 22 जनवरी का बेसब्री से इंतजार कर रहे हैं।

First look Of Lord Ram lala

Image Source

मूर्ति से जुड़ी कुछ खास बातें:–

इस मूर्ति को वैदिक मंत्रोचार के बीच गर्भग्रह  में रखा गया था। रिपोर्टर्स के मुताबित इस मूर्ति को मैसूर स्थित मूर्तिकार अरुण योगी राजनीति तैयार किया है इसकी ऊंचाई का जीवन 51 इंच और वजन 150 किलोग्राम बताया जा रहा है l इस मूर्ति को काले पत्थर से तैयार किया गया है l

बताया जा रहा है की कलम और प्रभामंडल की वजह से मूर्ति का वजन करीब 150 किलोग्राम है l देखा जाए तो जमीन से ऊंचाई करीबन 7 फीट मापी गई है मूर्तिकार योगी राज ने कमल पर खड़े राम लाला की मूर्ति 5 साल के बच्चों के रूप में बनाई है l

Must Read: Ayodhya Ram Mandir Captions For Instagram

22 जनवरी 2024 में होने वाले प्राण प्रतिष्ठा से पहले मंदिर में विशेष पूजा अनुष्ठान की शुरुआत हो चुकी है l इस मूर्ति को अपनी जगह पर स्थापित करने में करीब 4 घंटे का समय लगा l इसके साथ ही मूर्ति का गंधाधीवश शुरू हो गया है। इस दौरान रामलाल कि इस प्रतिमा को सुगंधित जल, घी, फल और अनाज में रखा गया था।

पीएम का शेड्यूल:-

पीएम मोदी सोमवार 22 जनवरी को सुबह 10:25 बजे अयोध्या एयरपोर्ट पहुंचेंगे और 10: 55 बजे श्री राम जन्मभूमि मंदिर पहुंचेंगे। दोपहर 12:05 पर श्री राम जन्मभूमि मंदिर अयोध्या में प्राण प्रतिष्ठा और पूजा करेंगे इसके बाद दोपहर 1:00 बजे अयोध्या में सार्वजनिक कार्यक्रम में हिस्सा लेंगे दोपहर 2:15 बजे कुबेर  टीला पर शिव मंदिर में दर्शन और पूजा करेंगे।

प्राण प्रतिष्ठा समारोह में 8000 से ज्यादा मेहमान शामिल होंगे जिसमें देश के प्रधानमंत्री से लेकर बड़े-बड़े संत राजनेता अभिनेत्र और अन्य लोग शामिल है।

जनसभा को संबोधित करेंगे पीएम मोदी: –

राम मंदिर निर्माण समिति के अध्यक्ष  नृपेंद्र मिश्र नहीं कुछ समय पहले बताया था कि श्री राम मंदिर में प्राण प्रतिष्ठा दिवस के मौके पर पीएम मोदी जनसभा को संबोधित करेंगे मंदिर के सामने एक केंद्रीय शिखर और दो पार्थ शिखरो तथा खुले मंच पर कुर्सियां लगाए जाएंगे उन्होंने बताया था कि 6000 कुर्सी लगे जाएंगे पीएम मोदी श्री राम की प्रतिमा के नेत्र आवरण खोलेंगे और राम प्रतिमा को जल से स्नान कराया जाएगा लोग नई प्रतिमा के दर्शन को लेकर तो उत्साहित है ही साथ ही उनमें पूरी प्रतिमा के प्रति भी अगाध था है और लोग इसके भी दर्शन करेंगे।

विदेश में भी आयोजन:–

सिर्फ देश में ही नहीं विदेशों में भी राम मंदिर के प्राण प्रतिष्ठा को लेकर गजब की तैयारी है 22 जनवरी को सिर्फ भारत में ही नहीं बल्कि पूरी दुनिया में दिवाली मनाई जाएगी और दुनिया के 60 से ज्यादा देशों में 200 से अधिक स्थानों पर विशेष कार्यक्रम होंगे अनार्क के टाइम्स स्क्वायर पर प्राण प्रतिष्ठा का लाइव  प्रसारण होगा वही पेरिस में एमफिल टावर के पास से शोभायात्रा निकलेगी।

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100+ Captivating Ayodhya Ram Mandir Captions For Instagram



Ayodhya Ram Mandir captions

Shree Ram Mandir is a newly constructed Hindu temple in Ayodhya. This Ayodhya Ram Mandir construction is in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India. This Lord Ram temple is located at the site of Ram Janam Bhoomi, which is the birthplace of Lord Rama.

Previously it was the former location of Babri Masjid which was built in the 16th century. The idols of Rama and Sita were placed in the mosque in 1949 before it was demolished in 1992.

But in 2019, the Supreme Court of India delivered the verdict to give the land to Hindus to construct a temple. While Muslims will get land somewhere else for Hindus for the construction of a temple.

The bhumi puja for the commencement of the construction of Ram Mandir was done on 5 August 2020 by “Prime Minister Narendra Modi”. Now the inauguration of the temple is scheduled for “22 January 2024”. Additionally, The Ayodhya Ram Mandir Prasad will be “Laddoo”.

Starting from today the Pran Pratishta ceremony at Ayodhya Ram Mandir will be extended over 7 days with formal pre-paan Pratishta from January 16 to 21th. The ritual will take place in the span of 16 – 22 January 2024. There are over 8,000 guests are expected on the consecration day. The preparation is in full swing for the event. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is attending the Ram Mandir consecration. On January 18 the idol will be placed in its position in the Garbh Griha of the temple.

The Ayodhya Ram Mandir opening date will be on 24 January 2024. Ayodhya Ram Mandir distance is about 7-8 km.

7 Day Ritual for Ayodhya Ram Mandir Ceremony

Beginning on January 16, the chosen host appointed by the temple trust, Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Teerth Kshetra, will conduct the atonement ceremony, involving the ‘Dashvidh’ bath, Vishnu worship, and offerings to cows along the Saryu River.

On January 17, a procession headed to the Ram Janmabhoomi temple in Mangal Kalash will transport the idol of Lord Ram in his infant form, known as Ram Lalla, to Ayodhya. Devotees will be carrying Saryu water in this procession.

January 18: Ganesh Ambika, Varun, Matrika, Brahmin Varan, and Vastu pujas are the first formal rites performed on this day.

January 19: The sacred fire is lit, and a “havan” and “Navagraha” are established.

January 20: Vaastu peace and Annadhivas rituals will take place following the temple’s sanctuary sanctorum being cleaned with Saryu holy water.

January 21: the Ram Lalla statue is bathed and set to rest at Shayadhivas after a celestial bath using 125 pots.
January 22: An ‘aarti’ is performed after the morning puja and the dedicated Ram Lalla deity in ‘Mrigashira Nakshatra’ during the afternoon Pran Pratishtha at 12:20 PM.

Ayodhya Ram Mandir Captions For Instagram In Hindi

Ayodhya Ram Mandir is an emotion for Hindus. So what better than adding Hindi captions? These Hindi captions will be best for showing your emotions. 

  • जय सिया राम 🚩
  • राम आए हैं 🌸🚩
  • “आयोध्या में राम मंदिर का निर्माण: धार्मिक एवं सांस्कृतिक विरासत की ऊँचाई। #राममंदिर 🚩”
  • “पवित्र भूमि, अविनाशी श्रद्धांजलि। #आयोध्या #राममंदिर 🕉️”
  • “आयोध्या का ह्रदय, एक विरासत का उदय। #राममंदिर 🚩”
  • “आयोध्या में गूँथी गई श्रद्धाभरी आरती। #राममंदिर 🙏”
  • “एक आध्यात्मिक श्रेष्ठकृति की ओर बढ़ते हुए। #आयोध्या #राममंदिर”
  • “जहां इतिहास और भगवान का मिलन है। #राममंदिर 🕊️”
  • “आयोध्या में एक नए युग की उम्मीद का आरंभ। #राममंदिर”
  • “विनम्र आग्रह से भक्तों की प्रार्थना। #आयोध्या”
  • “प्रत्येक इमारत में लिखी गई एक दिव्य यात्रा। #राममंदिर 🌅”
  • “आयोध्या का स्वर्गीय स्वरूप देखते ही। #राममंदिर”
  • “श्रद्धालुओं की प्रार्थना के साथ आयोध्या का आभास। #राममंदिर”
  • “प्रवाहित हो रहे धार्मिक और सांस्कृतिक संगम का आधार। #आयोध्या”
  • “हर ईंट में एक दिव्य यात्रा। #राममंदिर 🌹”
  • “प्रतिस्पर्धी क्षणों के बीच आयोध्या में एक आध्यात्मिक अनुभव। #आयोध्या”
  • “विशेषज्ञता की कला में आयोध्या की शृंगारी। #राममंदिर 🕍”
  • “धन्य हैं वह स्थान जहां दिव्यता की झलक है। #आयोध्या”
  • “प्रार्थनाओं का अनुभव, सभी भक्तों के साथ। #राममंदिर 🙏”
  • “भक्ति का महत्त्वपूर्ण केंद्र, आयोध्या का गर्व। #आयोध्या”
  • “पवित्र स्थल, विरासत की ऊँचाई। #राममंदिर 🚩”
  • “आयोध्या के आसमान में प्रार्थनाएँ गूंथी गईं हैं। #राममंदिर 🙏”

Short Ayodhya Ram Mandir Captions For Instagram

Instagram Captions are the best way to show your feelings about that. These short Ayodhya Ram Mandir captions for Instagram will be best suited for your next Instagram post. 

  • Ram Mandir Soars 🚩
  • Ayodhya’s Pride 🚩
  • Faithful Harmony 🌸
  • Divine Legacy
  • Sacred Essence 
  • Harmony Rises 🕉️
  • Prayerful Skies
  • Faithful Horizon 🕉️
  • Unity Beacon
  • Spiritual Dawn
  • Ayodhya’s Grace
  • Ram Lala’s Home 🕉️
  • Divine Ascent
  • Unity Symbol
  • Sacred Skies
  • Faithful Steps
  • Harmony’s Rise
  • Ram’s Blessing
  • Holy Grounds
  • Divine Echo

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The Construction of 3D Animation Movie Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Temple

Creative Ayodhya Ram Mandir Captions For Instagram

Being creative doesn’t need a special place, a person can also be creative at the time of posting a new Instagram post. You can add any of these to make your Instagram posts look more creative yet unique.

  • Ayodhya’s heart: Ram Janmabhoomi
  • Where the tales of Lord Ram resonate 🚩
  • Sacred ground, timeless devotion. #RamMandir 🕉️
  • A symbol of faith, unity, and cultural heritage. #Ayodhya #RamMandir
  • In the heart of Ayodhya, a legacy rises. #RamMandir 🚩
  • Ayodhya echoes with the prayers of the faithful. #RamMandir 🙏
  • A spiritual masterpiece in the making. #Ayodhya #RamMandir
  • Where history and divinity converge. #RamMandir 🕊️
  • The dawn of a new era in Ayodhya. #RamMandir
  • Witnessing the harmonious blend of tradition and progress. #Ayodhya
  • A divine journey etched in every brick. #RamMandir 🌅
  • Ayodhya’s skyline is adorned with the essence of devotion. #RamMandir
  • At the epicentre of devotion, Ram Janmabhoomi 🚩
  • Ayodhya’s legacy, Ram Janmabhoomi’s essence 🌟
  • Embracing history, cherishing spirituality 🙏 🚩
  • Ayodhya’s pride, Ram Janmabhoomi’s sanctity 🌅 🚩
  • Where faith writes its eternal story 📖

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Powerful Ayodhya Ram Mandir Captions For Instagram

After waiting for many years the Hindu will go to see the Ram Mandir. These powerful Ayodhya Ram Mandir captions will make you feel happy yet powerful. 

  • “A testament of faith, Ayodhya’s heart beats with the legacy of Ram Mandir. 🚩🕊️”
  • “In Ayodhya’s sacred soil, rises the powerful symbol of unity – Ram Mandir. 🌟🕉️”
  • “As the Ram Mandir stands tall, it echoes the power of devotion in every prayer. 🙏✨”
  • “Ayodhya’s skyline is now adorned with the strength of divinity – the mighty Ram Mandir. 🌅🚀”
  • “A sacred journey unfolds in every brick, narrating the powerful story of Ram Mandir. 🧱📖”
  • “Witness the rise of a spiritual masterpiece – the formidable Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. 🚩🌌”
  • “In Ayodhya, the ground is sanctified, and the power of faith resonates in the mighty Ram Mandir. 🌿”
  • “The foundation is not just in stone but in the powerful unity of devotion at Ram Mandir. 💖🤝”
  • “Ayodhya, where devotion transforms into a powerful symbol – Ram Mandir. 🕉️”
  • “With every prayer, Ayodhya embraces the powerful aura of Ram Mandir’s divinity. 🙏🌟”
  • “Ram Mandir, where history and spirituality unite, creating a powerful beacon of divinity. 🚩✨”
  • “Ayodhya resonates with the power of Ram Mandir – a symbol that transcends time. 🌍💫”
  • “The strength of devotion manifested in the formidable presence of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. 💪🌈”
  • “Ayodhya’s landscape transformed, as the mighty Ram Mandir stands powerful and serene. 🏞️🕊️”
  • “In Ayodhya’s embrace, the powerful essence of Ram Mandir illuminates the city of faith. 💡🌆 “
  • “Ayodhya, where devotion builds a powerful legacy – the enduring Ram Mandir. 🕊️”
  • “Powerful prayers echo in the sanctified grounds of Ayodhya, where Ram Mandir stands tall. 🙏🚀”
  • “Ayodhya, where the silent strength of Ram Mandir speaks volumes in the language of devotion. 📜🔊”
  • “In Ayodhya’s sacred silence, feel the powerful presence of Ram Mandir, a beacon of hope. 🌌🕊️”
  • “Ayodhya, where the mighty Ram Mandir becomes the powerful voice of devotion and unity. 🗣️🤝 “

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What Is Special About Ram Mandir Ayodhya?

The original design of Ram Mandir was planned in 1988 by the Sompura family of Ahmedabad. However, several changes were made in 2020 with the reference to the Vastu Shastra and Shilpa Shastra. The sompura has also contributed to the design of over 100 temples globally for at least 15 generations. The Ayodhya Ram Mandir Murti was also developed by experienced sculptures.

Features Of Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Mandir 2024

  • The Mandir is in the typical Nagar style.
  • The Mandir is 161 feet tall, 250 feet wide, and 380 feet long (east to west).
  • The Mandir has three floors, each standing twenty feet tall. There are 392 total in it.
  • January 4, 2024 – Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Teerth Kshetra Instagram Profile (@shriramteerthkshetra)
  • The Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust is in complete charge of overseeing the construction of the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Temple. Additionally, it is anticipated that the temple’s construction will cost between ₹ 1,400 crore and ₹ 1,800 crore.

Here you can check the Official Account of Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Teerth Kshetra, trust constituted to look after the construction and management of Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Mandir in Ayodhya.

F&Q Ayodhya Ram Mandir

What Is The Status Of Ayodhya Ram Mandir?

At present, the Ayodhya Ram Mandir concretion ceremony has started and this will be done till 22 January.

What Is Ayodhya Also Known As?

Ayodhya is also known as the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi. The Ayodhya Ram Mandir is in UP.

What Is The Name Of Ayodhya Mandir?

The Ayodhya Mandir’s name is Ayodhya Mandir. Ram Mandir, Ayodhya location is in Ayodhya Uttar Pradesh.

What Are The Biggest Quotes From The PM’s Speech In Ayodhya?

PM Narendra Modi spoke at a function at the Ram Janmabhoomi Temple complex following his performance of the Bhoomi Pujan for the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. He recalled the selfless efforts and sacrifices made by all those involved in the Ram Mandir movement. He claimed that the building of the Ram Temple would bring the country together.

Jai Shree Ram:

Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Temple in Ayodhya is all set to be inaugurated in the upcoming 22 January by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This consecration ceremony of Ram Lalla in the Sanctum-Sanctorum (Garbha-Griha), the temple will be open for the devotees from January 24, 2024. 

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100+ Best Diwali Captions for Instagram to Use in Diwali Post



Diwali Captions for Instagram

Here we welcome you to this amazing Instagram Diwali Captions collection. Before telling about Diwali captions lest know about Diwali itself.

Diwali- “ The Festival of Lights”

Diwali is one of the most prestigious festivals of Hinduism. Diwali marks the arrival of lord Rama to his home after a 14-year exile. The day honours Lord Krishna’s victory against the terrifying Narakasura in the southern Indian states. Diwali will be celebrated this year on November 12th.

Diwali is also considered as the festival of lights. On this occasion, we spent time with our loved ones. Diyas, lanterns, and lights will be all around with lots of happiness. We celebrate this Hindu festival with all of our zeal and pleasure all over the world. 

Who Celebrated Diwali?

This festival is not only bound to Hindu people, anyone can celebrate Diwali. Other communities like Sikh, Jain also celebrated Diwali with the same zeal. There will be a holiday also which is celebrated throughout India, Singapore, and various South Asian Countries. Communities of Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains regularly celebrate Diwali in the UK, the US, Australia, and other countries.

आपकी रहो में हज़ारों दीप जलें
कभी न हो अंधेरों से सामना
जिंदगी आपकी खुशियो से भरी रहे
दीपावली पर हमारी यही शुभकामना

सुख सम्पदा जीवन में आये
लक्ष्मी जी आपके घर में बस जाएँ
भूल कर भी आप के जीवन में
कभी भी कोई दुःख न आये

रोशन हो दीपक और सारा जग जगमगाये
लिए साथ सीता मैय्या को राम जी हैं आये
हर शहर यूँ लगे मानो अयोध्या सजी हो
आओ हर द्वार हर गली हर मोड़ पे हम दीप जलाएं..

Diwali Traditions & Customs

Diwali Traditions & Customs

Diwali is celebrated throughout the world. These traditions are diverse, but some things are common including, candles, lighting, Indian sweets, and family gatherings. 

In the home, in the streets, in places of worship, and even floating down lakes and rivers, candles, clay lamps, and oil lanterns are lit. On the night of Diwali, fireworks are also lit off, with some believing this wards off evil spirits.

Diwali is also about family get-togethers. Wearing new clothes, families gather together to eat sweets and special foods. Furthermore, lighting diyas and praying to goddess Laxmi and lord Ganesha for the wellbeing of the family. 

Diwali as a Social Media Trend!

Diwali also became a popular trend across all social media platforms, with people uploading stunning Diwali photographs on Instagram along with intriguing Diwali remarks. ‎

Because of this, we have compiled some amazing Diwali captions. We know that you will definitely take lots of pictures and capture memorable moments with your family and friends. So for posting them you surely need the best Instagram captions for your posts. 

Short Diwali Captions for Instagram

Short Diwali Captions for Instagram

Diwali is not just a festival it’s a feeling for people. Deepavali makes our heart’s eyes shine and hearts smile. Deepavali is all about creating beautiful and precious memories with your loved ones. The whole sky will fill with colourful fireworks and colourful lights. Diwali’s beauty can be found in the warmth of shared meals, the joy of laughing with loved ones, and the sparkle in our eyes as we ignite the first diya. Sp for posting on Instagram you need Diwali hamper captions for Instagram, then here we are with short Diwali captions for you!

  • Spreading light and love this Diwali!
  • Happy Diwali to all.
  • A Sparkling Happy Diwali to all your family.
  • Let the festivities begin!
  • Wishing you all a sparkling Deepavali!
  • Diwali vibes and good times.
  • Shine bright like a Diwali diya.
  • A festival of lights, love, and laughter. Happy Diwali!
  • Diyas and dreams come true on Diwali night.
  • May your life be as bright as the Diwali lights.
  • Family, friends, and fireworks – the perfect Diwali celebration!
  • Light up the night with happiness and laughter.
  • Celebrating Diwali with a heart full of gratitude.
  • May your Diwali be as sweet as the sweets you eat!
  • Capturing the magic of Diwali with every click.
  • Wishing you a prosperous and joyful Diwali this Year!
  • Lighting up the night one diya at a time.

Diwali Captions for Instagram in Hindi

Diwali Captions for Instagram in Hindi

Hindi is the language of our Hindi culture, and Hindi is easy to write and easy to explain. Hindi captions are a new trend nowadays, people like to post captions in the Hindi language in addition, Diwali is a Hindi festival so it will be great if you add Diwali captions in Hindi, So we are here with Deepavali captions for Instagram in Hindi. Have a look:

  • इस दीपावली, खुशियों का रंग फैलाएं! ✨🪔
  • आओ, त्योहारों की शुरुआत करें! 🎉🕯️
  • आप सभी को चमकदार दीपावली की शुभकामनाएँ! 💫
  • दीपावली रात को दीपों और सपनों की तरह चमकने दें। 🌟
Diwali Captions to Use in 2023
  • आपका जीवन दीपावली के दीपों की तरह चमकदार हो। 🌠
  • परिवार, दोस्त और पटाखों के साथ पूरी दीपावली धमाल! 🎆
  • खुशी और हंसी से रात को रोशन करें। 🌌
  • दीपावली के महौल में खो जाओ। 🎇
  • प्रेम, दीपों और हंसी का एक त्योहार। 🪔❤️
  • आभार भरे दिल के साथ दीपावली मनाएं। 🙏✨
  • जैसे आप चाहें वैसी दीपावली हो। 🔥
  • हर क्लिक से दीपावली का जादू कैद करें। 📸✨
  • आपकी दीपावली वैसी मिठाई की तरह मीठी हो। 🍬🍭
  • दीवाली के रंगों और खुशियों को त्योहार करें! 💰🎊
  • एक दिया की तरह रात को रोशन करें। 🪔
Short Hindi Diwali captions

Happy Diwali Captions For Instagram 

This Diwali let your Instagram shine reels with our happy Diwali captions. Add extra sparkle to your festive posts with a unique caption for family and friends. Making our captions as wonderful as the festivities themselves, from “Sparkling smiles and spreading the love this Diwali” to “May the warmth of togetherness light up your Diwali night.” Cheers to Diwali!

  • I am wishing you and your loved ones a joyous Diwali!
  • May the festival of lights bring prosperity and happiness. 🎆
  • Let the celebrations commence! Diwali vibes all around.
  • May your home be filled with the warmth of Diwali sweets.
  • Diwali is a time for family, friends, and laughter. ✨
  • Light up your heart with the spirit of Diwali.
  • I wish you a year ahead filled with success and love.🎆
  • Diwali brightens lives with love and light.
  • May your troubles diminish as the diyas shine.🪔
  • Let the festival of lights guide you to happiness and success.
  • Diwali is about spreading love and light. Let’s celebrate together!
  • This Diwali, let’s illuminate the world with kindness.✨🪔
  • Wishing you a safe and prosperous Diwali celebration.
  • Rangoli colours brighten life, crackers bring joy.
  • Diwali is more than a festival; it’s a feeling of togetherness.

Captions For Diwali Post on Instagram 

If are you looking for the best and simplest captions for Diwali reels on Instagram, then you are at the right place. We perfectly compiled some of the best and most unique Facebook Deepavali captions for your posts.

  • Embracing the festival of lights with joy and gratitude.
  • Let the glow of Diwali fill your heart with warmth.
  • Diwali celebrations: Family, food, and endless laughter.
  • Wishing you a sparkling Diwali full of happiness and prosperity.
  • As diyas flicker, let your spirits soar high.
  • May the vibrant colours of rangoli brighten your life.
  • Celebrating the triumph of light over darkness with Diwali.
  • Sweets, smiles, and Diwali style.
  • May the festival of lights bring a year of joy.
  • Diwali nights lit up with city lights.
  • I am wishing you a safe and joyous Diwali celebration.
  • Diwali: A time for cherished traditions and togetherness.
  • Surrounded by family and the radiance of diyas.
  • Let’s illuminate the night and share the Diwali spirit.
  • May your Diwali be as vibrant as a sky filled with fireworks.

Diwali Lights Captions for Instagram

Diwali can also be known as the festival of lights, it is a time when our surrounding is filled be vibrant lights and joyful gatherings. This year Diwali is on November 12th. Decorate your home with inside and out, planning get-togethers, and exchanging Diwali. If you like to post everything on Instagram then you need captions for your posts. Go for these captions;

  • “Let the Diwali lights guide you to a world of joy and prosperity. 🪔✨”
  • “Chasing the shimmering Diwali lights like a dream. 💫💥”
  • “Every Diya has a story to tell. What’s yours? 🕯️❤️”
  • “Captivated by the enchanting glow of Diwali. 🌟🌌”
  • “Diwali nights, city lights, and starry skies. 🪔🌃🌠”
  • “In the company of Diyas, we find our inner light. 🪔💖”
  • “May your path be illuminated with the warmth of Diwali lights. 🌟🙏”
  • “Diwali’s radiance brings us together in love and unity. 🪔❤️”
  • “The festival of lights: A time for reflection and gratitude. ✨🕯️”
  • “Each Diwali light represents a wish for a brighter future. 💫🪔”
  • “Sparkling Diwali lights, like stars fallen to Earth. 🌟🌠”
  • “The glow of Diwali: A reminder that even in darkness, there is light. 🪔🌌”
  • “Dancing with joy in the twinkle of Diwali lights. 💃✨”
  • “Lighting up the night with the magic of Diwali. 🌟🪔”
  • “Diwali lights create a beautiful tapestry of hope and happiness. 🪔❤️”

Final Thoughts on Diwali Captions for Instagram

Diwali is the most awaited festival, and this year it is about to come. And of course, we all are excited for this festival. It is time to shop for some lights, amazing Diwali gifts, and hampers for your loved ones. Diwali represents good fortune and happiness. People dress up in gorgeous, traditional outfits and look best when wearing accessories. People prepare delicious food and sweets to make Diwali more enjoyable. 

You all will surely click some best pics so for that we have compiled all the best Diwali captions for Instagram that you can use in this Diwali. So have a look at this collection and get perfect captions for your Diwali pictures.

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