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100+ First Day Of School Instagram Captions For Your Kids



First Day Of School Instagram Captions

School’s first day is always special. Whether you are a senior or getting ready for making your last memory this will always be a good thing. No doubt creating an Instagram post needs a great caption. Perfect Instagram captions will make you stand out. So, for this reason, we have made a wide list of first-day-of-school Instagram captions for your kids. Our good Instagram captions List will make you stand out from other influencers or other Instagram users.

First Day Of School Instagram Captions Funny

Well, school is a stressful period but it is fun too. If you want some back-to-school captions in the funny category we have some seriously hilarious ones. Use these funny school captions for Instagram reels and posts to shine like a star in front of other Instagram users:

  • Survived the first day! Time to award myself a gold star. 🌟📚
  • Kindergarten beat. Next stop: Graduation! 🎓🍎
  • Started school like a boss, and ended it like a weary boss. 😅📝
  • Day 1: Guided the maze of hallways successfully. 🚶‍♂️🤓
  • Back to school, and my backpack is already questioning its life choices. 🎒😅
  • First-day vibes: Where’s the recess bell when you need it? 🛎️🤔
  • Staying on snacks and sarcasm since the first bell rang. 🍎😂
  • Entered school with style, and left with a backpack that considers more than me. 💼🤯
  • Lesson learned on the first day: My locker combo is a secret only the universe knows. 🔐🌌
  • First day of school: Making friends with my new seat and trying not to look lost. 👫🗺️
  • Day 1: Already a candidate for the ‘Most Creative Excuse for Being Late.’ ⏰🤷‍♂️
  • Note to self: Pencils multiply in backpacks. Bring backup next time. 📏✏️
  • Survived the first day without a map! Feeling accomplished. 🗺️🙌
  • First-day checklist: Coffee, courage, and questionable fashion choices. ☕👗
  • Back in the school game, where ‘organized chaos’ becomes an art form. 🎨📚

First Day Of School Instagram Captions For Boy

Boys are quite more fearless than girls on their first day of school. They like to explore new things without hesitation. Also, they make friends easily in school life. If you planning to share some memories of your boy on Social media such as Instagram and Facebook. So, You can describe with these first-day-of-school Instagram captions for boys:

  • Bye, Felicia!
  • My kids are back in school. Give me a day to process my devastation.
  • R.I.P. summer vacation. 🤓
  • Dream big, little one.
  • And so the adventure begins… 📝
  • Just like that, summer is over.
  • My sanity has just been saved by the (school) bell.
  • First-day vibes: Looking cool, feeling cooler. 😎📚
  • School mode: Activated. Let the learning begin! 📝🤓
  • Stepping into a new grade like a boss. 👊🏫
  • First day of school swagger: Level 100. 💯👟
  • I hope you are able to achieve everything your heart desires.
  • To my children, welcome to the rest of your life.
  • Sending your kids back to school is so bittersweet.
  • I just dropped my kids off at school and I miss them already.
  • It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

First Day Of School Caption For Daughter

Daughter are surely precious gems of their parents they are shy and sweet too. No doubt girls are shy more than a boy so for them, it will be an upside-down experience to describe that we have this category which include first-day of school captions for daughter.

  • Most likely to be caught sleeping in class.
  • New year, new me.
  • I hope you are able to achieve everything your heart desires.
  • To my Daughter, welcome to the rest of your life.
  • Sending your kids back to school is so bittersweet.
  • Wishing you a day filled with new friends, fun, learning, and laughter. Have an amazing first day of school!
  • You are going to do great things today and every day. Believe in yourself and never forget how much you are loved. Happy first day of school!
  • This is the beginning of an exciting new chapter in your life. Go out there and seize every opportunity that comes your way. Best wishes on your first day of school!
  • You are going to meet new friends today and learn new things. Enjoy every moment, have fun and be yourself. Happy first day of school!

First Day Of School Captions For Parents

The first day of school is special for parents also as their children are going to school for the first time. Their emotions are hard to describe and for that, we have captions for parents that they can use to describe their feelings.

  • Sending my little one off to new adventures! 📚✨ #BackToSchool
  • First day of school: Mom’s ready with the camera, heart full of pride. 📸❤️
  • Back to school, back to routines, and back to being the official homework helper! 📝📚
  • Excited for a year of growth, learning, and proud parent moments! 🌱👩‍👧‍👦
  • Sending them off with a smile, a hug, and a heart full of support. 😄❤️
  • First-day jitters for both of us, but we’ve got this! 💪👨‍👩‍👧
  • Excited to watch my little one conquer new challenges and make new friends. 🌟👭
  • First day of school vibes: Happy tears and a heart full of love. 💖🎒
  • Cheers to a new school year! Parenting level: Expert. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦📚
  • Waving goodbye to summer and embracing a new chapter. 🌞👋
  • First-day drop-off: A mix of emotions, but mostly pride. 😊🚌
  • Ready for a year of cheering on the sidelines and celebrating milestones! 🎉📏
  • Parenting motto: Coffee, courage, and a whole lot of love. ☕❤️
  • First-day drop-off is complete. Now, time for a mix of productivity and nostalgia. 📚📆
  • First day of school: A bittersweet moment of watching them spread their wings. 🦋🎓

First Day Of School Instagram Captions For Teachers

The first day of school after a long summer vacation is quite important for teachers. The feeling of going back to school is mixed. For understanding this feeling we have curated a list of some first day of school Instagram captions for teachers. 

  • Ready to inspire, educate, and make a difference. Let the school year begin! 🍎✏️
  • Welcoming a new batch of bright minds to the world of knowledge. 🌟📖 #BackToSchool
  • First day of school teacher style: Ready to educate and rock the classroom. 📚👩‍🏫
  • Here’s to a classroom filled with laughter, learning, and endless possibilities. 🍎👩‍🏫
  • First day of school checklist: Positive vibes, big smiles, and a heart full of passion. ❤️📚
  • Chalk in hand, excitement in the air. Here’s to a year of growth and learning! 🎉📝
  • New students, new challenges, and a whole lot of enthusiasm. Let the teaching adventure begin! 🍏🌈
  • Starting the school year with a classroom full of potential. Here’s to a year of success! 🏫🌟
  • Educator mode: Activated. Ready to empower young minds and shape the future! 🌐📚
  • First-day excitement: Where lesson plans meet the magic of learning. ✨📓
  • To a year of inspiring curiosity, fostering creativity, and making a lasting impact. 🎨📏
  • Back in the teacher’s chair, ready to create a positive and engaging learning environment. 📏📚
  • First day jitters? Nah, just a whole lot of excitement to make a difference! 🌟📝
  • First day back on duty: Equipped with knowledge, passion, and a touch of coffee. ☕📚
  • A new school year is like a blank canvas—ready to be painted with knowledge and inspiration. 🎨📖

If you’re looking to find short one word captions for Instagram, check out our article for quick inspiration on how to viral your Posts and Reels.

What Is A Good First Day Of School Caption?

So, we can describe a good first day of school with the help of captions that will surely make you sparkle in between the crowd. There are some examples of good first-day-of-school captions:

  • From holding my hand to stepping into the classroom. Oh, how time flies.
  • The first day of school is bittersweet. Bitter because our summer together is over, but the silence is something I will savour.
  • Today is the first day of the rest of your school year. Fly high!
  • Watching them walk away that first day always hits you right in the feels.
  • The smiles are bright on the first day. But the adventures you hear about after school are even brighter.

What Should I Caption My First School Photo?

  • Learning never looked this cute.
  • Going to school. But first, let’s take a cute selfie.
  • Cuteness level: straight A+.
  • A pinch of cuteness, a dash of knowledge.
  • Bringing sunshine to the school routine.
  • Will miss you, baby. Have fun on the first day of school! A note from a mother to her kid.
  • Happiness is a brand-new pencil case.
  • I may be small, but my dreams are big.
  • Cutest scholar in the school.
  • Ready to charm my way through classes

What Are The Instagram Captions For School Life?

When it comes to school life we have several categories some of them are:

  • New shirt, new shoes, and a new attitude for the first day of school.
  • This little cutie is going to rock ___ grade!
  • Nothing is sweeter than a first day of school pic.
  • So proud of this little one right here. First day of the new year.
  • Nothing beats watching your little one skip off to school on the first day.
  • Keepin’ it fresh this year with a new first day of school look.
  • It seems like summer will last forever, but then you blink, and they are back to school.

Editor Favorite Words:

No doubt taking pictures of your kids on their first day of school is a must happier. This will make a memory for you and also a tradition. So, Now you can share lovely pictures and reels with the world on Instagram and Snapchat with our perfect captions.

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